7th Grade

Registration Steps

  1. Fill out the purple registration form
  2. Log into the Power School
  3. Click Class Registration on the left
  4. Complete the form (There are descriptions of the classes below)
  5. Turn in the purple form to your advisor

Here is a video to help you with the process

Required Courses

  • Language Arts 7 (1.0)
  • Integrated Science 7 (1.0)
  • Utah Studies (1.0)
  • 7th Grade Mathematics (1.0)
  • Career and College Awareness (1.0)
  • Student Advisory (1.0)
  • Physical Education (0.5)
  • Health (0.5)


Fine Art Electives (Must take one of the following)

Art Foundations I

Students will create works of art by experiencing a variety of art mediums and by learning basic art elements and principles. Studies will include Drawing, Cultural Art, Careers and Contests.  Credit 0.5

Chorus I-Mixed (Year or semester)

This course is an introduction to vocal music at the middle school level. Vocal techniques and music reading are emphasized, and students are given the opportunity to explore various musical sources and styles. Students will have some performance opportunities. Credit 0.5 or 1.0

Art Foundations 3D

Open to students who successfully passed Art Foundations I. Art Foundations 3D will focus on 3 dimensional art through the use of multiple mediums.  Credit 0.5

Musical Theatre

Students will become familiar with drama, theatrical art and design, music and dance. Students will learn some basic history of each area and will do projects in each area of focus. Much of this class will be production based. Participation is very important for those wishing to enroll in performing arts  Credit 0.5

Theatre Foundations

This class develops the student as participant, listener, observer and critique. By having students create characters and learn to respond through improvisation to new situations and genres of theatre. All students are required to perform and participate with all assignments. The four main elements of theatre (audience, script, performer, technical) will be touched on.  Credit 0.5

Band (6th Grade Band, Warrior Band, JV Band, Concert Band or Symphonic Band)

Band students have fun learning how to play a band instrument while building self-discipline, teamwork skills, and self-esteem through individual and group rehearsal settings. Band students are able to progress at their own pace based on their individual work ethics. All band students are placed in appropriate band classes based on their ability to reach predetermined levels of proficiency. It is expected that students registering for band will remain in the class for the duration of the school year. Band students will have at least one required evening performance per quarter. Fee: No fees. Students are, however, expected to provide their own band instrument for the class. The school has a few older used instruments reserved for students who qualify for fee-waivers. It is recommended that students acquire their own instruments. All band students will be required to purchase a technique book for their particular band class  Credit 1.0

Orchestra (Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced)

Audition with instructor is required. Orchestras are ensemble classes with limited individual instruction and maximum group instruction. Students will study string techniques, note reading, scales, tuning, theory ear-training and music history. Students will play a variety of orchestra music and perform in several concerts throughout the year. Fees: Students are required to have their own instrument. A limited number of cellos and basses are available from the district for rent. Violins and violas are not offered for rent; it is expected that students rent these instruments from local music stores. Orchestra shirts are required as part of concert dress. Credit 1.0


Other Electives


Students will learn to speak, understand, read and write basic Spanish. Students will be introduced to the cultures of several countries in which Spanish is spoken. Spanish is learned through speaking, reading, writing, singing, dancing, etc. Credit 0.5

Creative Coding

This course is designed to introduce middle school students to basic computer science and basic programming.  In this course they will use HTML and other coding formats to create projects, animations, simple games, and more.  Students will be expected to use problem solving skills, collaboration with other students, and share their projects with the class.  This is a Web-based class and students will be able to work on much of the content at home as well as school. Credit 0.5

American Sign Language

This is a beginning course, teaching students the basics of American Sign Language within a cultural context. Emphasis is placed on the development of basic expressive and receptive skills. Credit 0.5

7th Grade Elective Physical Education

An advanced PE course that focuses on conditioning and endurance as well as understanding skills to keep you healthy throughout life. Weekly schedule includes a lesson out of the Fitness For Life in Middle School textbook, weightlifting, crossfit, and HIIT-high intensity interval training. Credit 0.5

STEM Concepts

A computer module hands on based class under the direction of a certified teacher that focuses on technology and engineering careers. Examples of some of the modules are wiring, building a bridge, automotive and EMT. Credit 0.5

Peer Tutor

No N, or U in citizenship. Students will have an opportunity to work with students with disabilities. Students will assist in the process of these students developing the ability to learn essential life skills to function more effectively in the community. Credit 0.5