Enrollment Process

Here you can find everything you need to enroll your child at CMS.  In addition to the online registration form you must also provide the following documents prior to your child being enrolled:

  • Proof of current immunizations
  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of address (one of the following documents with parents names listed – utility bill, rental agreement, building contract, or other bill)

Iron County School District Enrollment Process

  1. Complete the Iron County School District online enrollment using ScribEnroll.
  1. Visit the office of the school where your child will be enrolled to obtain a username and password to create your PowerSchool parent access account (you must verify your identity in person at the school to safeguard the privacy of your and your child’s information).
  2. After you have created your PowerSchool parent access account, log in and digitally sign the forms that allow your child to participate fully in school (e.g. the technology Responsible Use Policy) by clicking “Forms”.