Cedar Middle School is located at 2215 West Royal Hunte Drive in Cedar City, Utah. Because of geographical barriers and physical location the are immediately surrounding the school is relatively undeveloped. Our student population hovers just under 1,000 students, grades 6th through 8th. Because of the location of the school in relation to the rest of the valley, a large percentage of the studentbody is bussed to school. Roughly 93% of the students at Cedar Middle either ride a school bus or are delivered via private transportation. Very few live within walking distance of the school.

The Iron County School District prepares and publishes district wide bus routing plans that include our school. Busses access Cedar Middle School via Royal Hunte Drive from I-15, Ridge Road and Cove Drive. Busses enter the parking lot from the West and line up to laod or unload passengers along the East side of the parking lot and the bus loading area that is posted as such. Passenger cars also enter the parking lot along the West side and can pick children up on the West and South sides of the parking lot. The roadside immediately in front of our school, as well as the parking lot at Park Discovery, allows a safe location for parents to pick their children up after school as well. It is recommended that all traffic GO SLOW and be courteous to other drivers. Children should avoid walking in the parking lot during peak times to ensure their own personal safety. Children accessing Royal Hunte Drive or the parking lot at Park Discovery should do so via the concrete sidewalk that skirts the main parking lot. Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, etc., should not be ridden on school grounds and should be carried when on campus. Foot traffic must stay on sidewalks provided and cross Royal Hunte Drive at the only pedestrian crossing available, located along the East side of campus near the Park Discovery parking lot.

Busses enter the parking lot vis the West and Center entryways. Loading and unloading will take place directly in front of the school and East to Discovery Parking lot.

Private vehicles will also enter the parking lot on the West and move West to East to allow proper traffic flow. Children can be picked up and dropped off along the West end of the parking lot, along the street frontage and in the Discovery Park parking lot.

People walking can access the street frontage and Discovery Park parking lot via the sidewalks provided. Crossing Royal Hunte Drive should take place at the crosswalk provided East of the school parking lot.

Use of skateboards, bicycles, rollers blades, etc., are prohibited on school grounds and must be carried or walked until off school grounds.

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