Cartoon Boy
Using Layers in FLASH Animations

Today you will utilize skills you have already acquired to make a cartoon boy. The objective of this assignment is to get you comfortable adding and using multiple layers for your FLASH work.

CLICK HERE to watch Mr. Durfee's video instructions

1. Open FLASH

2. Create a New Document in FLASH <Create New> <ActionScript 3.0>

3. Set the size of your stage to 220 x 220 pixels

4. Now import the image files by using <files> <import> <import to library> and select the images from [My Computer] [Shared Drive] [Durfee] [Multimedia] [Assignments] [Cartoon Boy]

5. Now add layers by clicking on the <add layers tool> and then type in names for each layer and begin dragging over each body part in to frame 1 for each appropriate layer. Note: You need to make certain you put the correct part on the correct layer. No points will be given for assignments which do not use layers correctly.

Helpful tip: You can add multimple <key frames> by selecting more than just one frame at a time. Now get your cartoon boy to do something. Check his watch. Stretch out a bit. Smile and blink.

Save your file as: cartoonboy

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