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Note, your files names should contain NO SPACES and NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS (.,$,<,etc.).
Use the recommended file names given for each assignment and you will be just fine.


Introduction to FLASH Animation Software - Dancing Skeleton
Cont. Intro to Tools in FLASH - Skeleton Takes Bath
Using the Bone Tool in FLASH - Skeleton Bone Tool
Using Classic Tween in FLASH - Superman Flying
Using Shape Tween in FLASH - Crazy Shapes
Importing Images to FLASH - Disco Alien
Using More than One Layer in FLASH - Cartoon Boy
Drawing Directly in FLASH - Cartoon Man/Women
Adding Sound to FLASH - Scary Thing
Using Action Script in FLASH - Spotlight Effect
More use of Action Script 2.0 in FLASH - Making Pong Games
Subscenes and Editing Action Script 2.0 - Adding Subscenes
Adding Shadows in FLASH - Horse


Basic Tools in FIREWORKS - New to Old Photo
More Basic Tools in FIREWORKS - Crocofrog
Using the Rubber Stamp Tool in FIREWORKS - Jar of Jam
More Combining Images in FIREWORKS - Famous Person
Working with Color in FIREWORKS - Warhol
Using What You Know in FIREWORKS - A Scary Ghost Story


Chopping Up Images in FIREWORKS to Use in FLASH - Robot
Creating an Ad Campaign - Crazzy Lizzard Records
Using FIREWORKS and FLASH Create an Animation with Talking You - Me Animation

Evaluation of your FIREWORKS skills - Complete this TEST on your own - Vacation
Evaluation of your FIREWORKS & FLASH skills - Complete this TEST on your own - Bird Flying


- Unit Vocabulary Study - Complete, as a class, "Our Search for the Truth - Spelling and Vocabulary Words Study Guide"
- Hoaxes. What are they? How do they start and spread? How can we check the facts? - Hoaxes
- Now it is time to create your own hoax - My Hoax
- Review of writing process (topic, support and closing sentences) Writing a Well Organized Paragraph
- Complete your My Hoax assignment, watch Channel One News, memorize your vocabulary words
- NASA Moon Landing, the growing belief that it was faked (never happened) - Moon Landing Hoax or Not?
- We find the evidence that the moon landings did happen - Watch together, Mythbusters and discuss
- Finish watching Mythbusters and complete - The Moon Landing was Not a Hoax - Evidences BUSTED
- FEAR Salem Witch Trials READ We Were There Too! - Betty Parris and Abigail Williams: Bewitched or Bored? (pgs 29-32)
- Group Hysteria. How our fears can control us and make us believe what is not true - Salem Witch Trials
- Hoax on a Hoax: War of the Worlds radio broadcast - Listen and make illustrated timeline - War of the Worlds
- On your own, continue to listen to the War of the Worlds radio broadcast & complete timeline - War of the Worlds
( Go to the webpage and click on LISTEN TO THE BROADCAST. Move your slider to about 25 minutes into the show.
When you have finished the radio broadcast & your TIMELINE, you can watch Channel One News)
- What really happened. Did people really panic? War of the Worlds Newspaper Reports
- Prejudice - How prejudice hurts - Watch Blue-eyed, Brown-eyed and complete Activity Sheet
- Propaganda. How information can be manipulated to influence public opinion - Intro to Propaganda & The Boston Massacre If you missed class, or want to watch the video again, you can watch the video by CLICKING HERE

- Writing an expository essay on the Boston Massacre. First, let's look at Revere's engraving together and find the inaccuracies. Looking at what Revere titled his engraving and further the inaccurate depiction of the event it is clear that Paul Revere wanted to have those colonists who saw the engraving to be angry towards the British soldiers. This influence is what we call PROPAGANDA - CLICK HERE to see the engraving.

Begin writing your expository essay by logging into your gmail account.

Continue, writing expository essay on Boston Massacre AND Self Editing Check Off Sheet


First, make certain you have completed your expository essay on The Boston Massacre in Google Docs and Shared your writing with me. ryan.durfee@ironmail.org

Then, we are short of weeks to accomplish everything we have to do sooooo we are going to get right back into our FLASH and FIREWORKS animating and creating your own story in FLASH and FIREWORKS
First, watch these examples of FLASH animations on your own:

- Man (this FLASH animation is pretty complex there is a lot of drawing involved here)
- Bad Apple (this is a simple FLASH animation and is a good example of what you could create)
- Brush, Brush, Brush (here is a FLASH animation created for the kids show, Yo Gabba Gabba)
- Kite (again, a lot drawing here but some really good examples of how to create the idea of motion)
- Skeleton Dance (although this is an older animation and was not created in FLASH, it very easily could be)
- White Christmas (this is a great example of how to animate to a song)
- Zombie Apocalypse (this is an instructional FLASH animation, even though it isn't anything real, just for fun)

Next, you are going to tell a story using FLASH and FIREWORKS. Here are some student examples of telling a story using FLASH and FIREWORKS to make graphics and animate the story:
- My Ghost Friends by Zoe Petersen (the characters were drawn in FIREWORKS and the Imported into FLASH)
- What Your Cat Does When You Are Not Around by Zoe Petersen (this is an example of work done entirely in FLASH)
- Buzz the Robot by Joanna Durfee (example combining both images prepared in FIREWORKS and drawing directly in FLASH)
- I Am King Henry by Mr. Durfee (this is an example using ALL images prepared in FIREWORKS and imported into FLASH)

- Creating a story that you will be animating in FLASH - Bad Little Girls/Boys

- Write down a Bad Little Boy/Girl story in Google Docs

- If your story is complete, begin your work to animate your story. You will need a FLASH animation document that includes a text box where you will include the words of the story. Mr. Durfee will share an example during class.

Final Flash story examples - Story Board and Final Flash Animation


1 - Create a Website Folder and organize your files - Watch Video Instructions

2. Create a TOPGRAPHIC image in FIREWORKS for your website pages - Instructions

2. - Begin creating an HTML website by using DREAMWEAVER - Instructions

Still to come:


- Internet safety - digital scams - phishing, malware, ransomeware, computer viruses
- Uses and problems with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)
- How technology has changed/is changing our world, for better or for worse

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