Here are the 6th grade curriculum plans for this week organized by pod.  These were also sent home in an email by the teachers.

Dual Immersion:

1) Retell the story they have been reading “Aprendiendo a Nadar”.
2) Final Proyect: recording of a personal extreme situation “Una
situación extrema”.


1) Complete the test about the Middle Ages (revision and final explanations in Zoom of 1st May. Clarifications and doubts on 5th May)

ZOOM CLASSES: Tuesday and Friday 9:30-10:00


Super Hero Pod (Weeks, Johnson, Myers, and Atwood) – Google Classroom Daily Checkoff –
Math Language Arts Reading Science Social Studies

ALEKS Monday and Wednesday
Zoom Tuesday and Thursday 8:30-9:15
Google classroom lesson Monday and Tuesday







This week there is an instructional video, and there are two grammar review quizzes to take on Google classroom. Live Q and A on Thursday at 11 AM. If you have any missing assignments I highly recommend you attend this live, so that you can ask questions on what you need to do to catch up!

Monday – Friday, May 4th- May 8th

You will begin creating your book report for the 4th quarter. It is called an ABC Book Report. You can do it on “Percy Jackson and The Lightning
Thief” or on any book you have read this year on your own that you have not already done a book report on. Please follow the instructions on your
assignment found under classwork. This will be due no later than Friday,

When your book report is done, go back to the actual assignment, click on
“view assignment” and submit from there. THIS IS EXTREMELY

This week in science we are finishing gravity and inertia.

Monday May 4th: Review Inertia and Gravity in Google Forms

Live Session @9:30-10:00

Tuesday May 5th: Extra day to finish yesterday’s assignment.

Wednesday May 6th: Play Quizizz game to test Gravity and Inertia
Thursday May 7th: Video on Scale of the Solar System.
Friday May 8th: Short Activity on the Scale of our Solar System
Have a great week!



AA Pod (Allred, Johnson, Skougard, and Gray) – Google Classroom Daily Checkoff
Math Language Arts Reading Science Social Studies
Monday – Quiz from Friday in google classroom

Tuesday – Quiz due today continue path in ALEKS for 45 minutes

Wednesday – continue path in ALEKS for 45 minutes

Thursday – continue path in ALEKS for 45 minutes














Monday – Sentence Review Quiz #2

Tuesday – Sentence Review Quiz #3

Wednesday – Quiz #2 & #3 (DUE)

Thursday – Catch up work day


Monday – Tuck Everlasting chapters 20 & 21

Tuesday – Tuck Everlasting chapters 22 & 23

Wednesday – Tuck Everlasting chapters 24 & 25

Thursday –  Tuck Everlasting Epilogue

Friday –  Tuck Everlasting Final test

Monday – Gravity and Inertia Review Assignment

Tuesday –

Wednesday – Gravity and Inertia Quizzes/ Scale and Proportion Planets Introduction

Thursday –

Friday – Scale and Proportion of Solar System

(PARENTS, We are asking that you view the Black Plague video prior to, or with your child.  Due to the COVID-19 situation we do not want to cause any extra worry for our students.  The video is very informative and supports our study of the Middle Ages but it will NOT affect your child’s grade if you feel it is inappropriate at this time.) 

Monday – Plague Information

Tuesday –  Plague Quiz (DUE)

Wednesday – Make-up/Catch-up

Thursday –

Friday – All work DUE today


A Pod (Houle, Terrones, Elliott, Johnson) – Google Classroom Daily Checkoff –

Students should be checking Google Classroom daily for specific assignments and information – Check PowerSchool for current grades – If students turn in late work, please let us know by email so we can update their scores in Powerschool.


Math Language Arts Reading Science Social Studies

We will finish Chapter 12 and do a few assignments in Chapter 13.  There will also be some reviews and quizzes on ALEKS.

Individual math help can be reached via ZOOM

Daily 10:00 -12:00  Zoom Access Code 993687031 for Mr. Bagnall or Monday – Thursday 1:30 – 2:30 Access Code 433244532 for Mrs. Cain





Sentence Review Book Report Gravity and Inertia/ Scale and Distance

Middle Ages – Castles

*project instructions posted today, May 1st, due May 8th*