Here are the 6th grade curriculum plans for this week organized by pod.  These were also sent home in an email by the teachers.

Dual Immersion:

In Español, students will be listening to my recording of the text of this unit “Aprendiendo a nadar”, while reading it themselves at the same time/pace. Later they will fill a graphic organizer summarizing the main ideas/details. They will have to read from Monday to Friday a little bit each day.


Super Hero Pod (Weeks, Johnson, Myers, and Atwood) – Google Classroom Daily Checkoff –
Math Language Arts Reading Science Social Studies

ALEKS Monday and Wednesday
Zoom Tuesday and Thursday 8:30-9:15
Google classroom lesson Monday and Tuesday





Monday April 27th-Wednesday, April 29th: Students should be publishing their superhero narrative on Utah Compose. Detailed instructions are on Google Classroom.

Thursday, April 30th-Friday, May 1st: There will be a grammar review quiz on Google Classroom.

Thursday April 30th: Optional live question and answer at 11 AM. Link will be posted on Google Classroom.

Study the vocabulary words for the week. When you are ready, take the assessment on MASTERY CONNECT no later than Friday, May 1.

Tuesday-Thursday- ​Read The Lightning Thief, Chapters 11-13. You are welcome to read ahead as much as you can. Make sure you keep track of where you ended if you read ahead. We will be doing a book report next week on this book or another book you have read this year (details will be given out next week).

Friday- ​If you haven’t already taken the vocab assessment, make sure you take it by today. Please check PowerSchool and work on any missing assignments.

Monday April 27th: ​Look at the phenomena of throwing a ball. Live Session @9:30-10:00

Tuesday April 28: ​Video

Wednesday April 29:​ Simulation Activity and Videos

Thursday April 30: ​Live Session in Google Meet. @ 9:30. Video

Friday May 1st: ​Short Activity on Gravity and Inertia. (Paper airplane )

See Google Classroom. There is a small reading assignment from the textbook each day, followed by a couple of questions to answer about the reading.


AA Pod (Allred, Johnson, Skougard, and Gray) – Google Classroom Daily Checkoff
Math Language Arts Reading Science Social Studies







A Pod (Houle, Terrones, Elliott, Johnson) – Google Classroom Daily Checkoff –

Students should be checking Google Classroom daily for specific assignments and information – Check PowerSchool for current grades – If students turn in late work, please let us know by email so we can update their scores in Powerschool.


Math Language Arts Reading Science Social Studies

Continue Chapter 12 Mean, Median, Mode and Outliers

Our math aide, Mr. Bagnall, can be reached via ZOOM Daily 10:00 -12:00 for individual help and questions.





Finish Superhero Narrative and Sentence Review Vocabulary Assessment and Class Novel Reading Gravity and Inertia – Solar System Study

Middle Ages – Coat of Arms

One or two activities about The Middle Ages.

ZOOM CLASSES: Tuesday and Friday 9:30-10:00