Here are the 6th grade curriculum plans for this week organized by pod.  These were also sent home in an email by the teachers.


Super Hero Pod (Weeks, Johnson, Myers, and Atwood) – Google Classroom Daily Checkoff
Math Language Arts Reading Science Social Studies
ALEKS Monday and Wednesday
Zoom Tuesday and Thursday 8:30-9:15
Google classroom lesson Monday and Tuesday
Monday April 20th- Look at the assignment “Superhero
Narrative” on Google Classroom. Students should watch the instructional
video that I posted, look at the outline, and decide what their superpower
would be, and three ways that they would use it for good.Tuesday, April 21st-Friday, April 24th:Students should use the outline as a guide, and write their rough draft.
Thursday April 23rd: Live question and answer at 11 AM. Link will be
posted on Google Classroom.
Monday, April 20:
Bellwork Words #24: Ambrosia, Facade, Titan, Disgorge, Fetlock, Gable, Charisma, Herbivore, Impertinent, Lanolin
*You may use an online dictionary or a regular dictionary if you have one.
Use the attached document found under classwork in Google classroom to
fill out and submit.Tuesday, April 21st – Thursday, April 23rd: Read chapters 9 -10 in
Percy Jackson. (Use the online copy provided or if you have your own you
may use that one.)Friday, April 24th: After you have completed reading chapter 10, please
complete a 5 sentence summary of these chapters. Use the document that
is under the assignment under classwork in Google classroom called “5 Sentence Summary” to fill out and submit. Remember, you need at least 5
good, complete sentences to receive full credit
This week in science we are finishing Seasons.
Monday April 20th: Book Work. Read the science text on seasons and
answer the questions. Turn in form after you are done.
Live Session @9:30-10:00Tuesday April 21: Watch two videos on Seasons don’t turn in anything.
Just watch and understand the videos.Wednesday April 22: Play a game of Quizziz on Seasons. You may play
as many times as you want for a week.Thursday April 23: Review pass videos and assignments for our mastery
Connect test on Seasons on Friday. Live Session in Google Meet. @ 9:30.Friday April 24: I will post the mastery Connect Code so you can take the
test and submit it. Have a great week!
See Google Classroom. There is a small reading
assignment from the textbook each day, followed by a couple of questions
to answer about the reading.


AA Pod (Allred, Johnson, Skougard, and Gray) – Google Classroom Daily Checkoff
Math Language Arts Reading Science Social Studies
Monday – Chapter 12 Review in ALEKS

Tuesday – Finish ch. 12 review

Wednesday – Lesson 13.2 in ALEKS

Thursday – Finish lesson 13.2

Friday – Quiz in ALEKS – LAST DAY to turn in weekly assignments






Essay is DUE 4/29/20, this is a suggested work schedule.

Monday – Read instructions and watch instructional video for Super Hero Narrative Essay

Tuesday – Start rough draft, write introductory paragraph.

Wednesday – Write body paragraph #1

Thursday – Write body paragraph #2

Friday – Write body paragraph #3

Monday –  Tuck Everlasting Ch. 5

Tuesday –  Tuck Everlasting Ch. 6 & 7

Wednesday – Tuck Everlasting Ch. 8 & 9

Thursday –  Tuck Everlasting Ch. 10

Friday –  Tuck Everlasting Quiz #2 (chapters 5-10)

Monday – Seasons Bookwork (Due Wednesday)

Tuesday – Seasons Videos

Wednesday – Quizzes Review (Due Friday)

Thursday – Study for Test (Review pas assignments)

Friday – Seasons Test

Monday – Introduction article

Tuesday –  Introduction quiz

Wednesday – Introduction quiz – DUE

Thursday -Timeline article

Friday – Timeline quiz – DUE Saturday


A Pod (Houle, Terrones, Elliott, Johnson) – Google Classroom Daily Checkoff –

Students should be checking Google Classroom daily for specific assignments and information – Check PowerSchool for current grades


Math Language Arts Reading Science Social Studies

Chapter 12 Statistics
Our math aide, Mr. Bagnall, can be reached via ZOOM Daily 10:00 -12:00 for individual help and questions.





Super Hero Narrative Vocabulary Bellwork, Class Novel Reading and Summary Finishing up Seasons. Test Friday, 4/24.

The Fall of Rome (Johnson & Elliott)

The Rise of Christianity (Houle & Terrones)