This email was sent to Cedar Middle School parents and guardians today.  If you did not receive this email please log into PowerSchool and update your parent portal email.  Having an updated email for ALL our parents is essential over the next few weeks while our school is on dismissal.
Cedar Middle School Parents and Guardians,
Governor Herbert in partnership with the Health Department and the Utah State Board of Education have officially dismissed students from all Utah schools from March 16th through March 27th to slow the spread of COVID-19.  What does this mean for parents of Cedar Middle School students?
  • March 16th and 17th are days off for all ICSD students. All schools will take March 18th and 19th to prepare to provide remote instruction to our students. Friday, March 20th, remote instruction will begin and will continue at least through March 27th.
  • Students are not allowed at Cedar Middle School from March 16th through March 27th unless invited for specific instruction or services. School personnel will work directly with parents in these cases.  The exception to this will be specific times on Thursday and Friday when students will be allowed to come with their parents to clean out lockers and get needed materials.  These times will be outlined in more detail on Wednesday through Remind and email.
  • The district will be providing breakfast and lunch for all students through a “grab and go” format. Parents may bring students to pick up breakfast from 8:00 to 9:00am and lunch from 11:30 to 12:30pm. It is preferred that these meals be picked up at the students boundary school but if a child cannot find transportation to that school they may pick up at the school closest to their home.
  • All other activities and programs are cancelled until further notice. This includes, 4H, practices held at the school for rec or border league, or any other outside programs held at the school.
  • Special education services, or IEP services, will be provided during the dismissal. Special education teachers will be in contact with all parents of students with IEP services on Thursday and Friday.
There will be more information coming out. Please help us to spread the word for those parents who are not a part of our Remind or email communications and encourage them to join by texting 81010 to @cedarmidd. Communications will come out first through Remind with follow up emails when possible.  We will also put all communications on our website and facebook page.
We commit to doing our best to continue to instruct your children during this dismissal. Plans for how this instruction will take place will be coming out through Remind and email on Wednesday late afternoon after we have a chance to meet with our faculty and staff.  We also understand that each family we serve has varied resources and constraints.  The district has put a plan in place to help families with limited technology access instruction and curriculum that will be provided. Please watch for a district survey coming through Remind regarding technology access support during this period of time we are dismissed.  We appreciate your understanding and support.

Bylynda Murray
Principal – Cedar Middle School