"Chopping Up" Images to Use in FLASH
Robot Robot Robot Robot Robot Robot Robot

In order to animate an image it is best to have this image broken into parts. For example, in order to move the arms and legs these images need to be created, saved and imported separately. Today you will begin your work in chopping up images using FIREWORKS graphics program and then Importing these files into your FLASH animation file.

CLICK HERE to watch the first video for this assignment

CLICK HERE to watch the second video for this assignment


2. <Open> the file robot.png which can be found on the [Shared Drive] [Durfee] [Digital Literacy] [Assignments] robot.png

3. Use your <Polygon Lasso> tool and lasso what you want and then go to
<Select> <Select Inverse> and push the [Delete] key

4. Crop your image with the <Crop Tool>.

5. Make certain your image has a transparent background, not white, and then <Save As> and select Adobe Flash SWF (* .swf) file. Be certain to name each part different, e.g., robot_head.swf

When you have all your parts saved as .swf files you are ready to begin animating.
(1) start FLASH
(2) create new Flash document
(3) set stage size to 220 x 220 pixels
(4) <File> <Import> <Import to Library> all your parts (.swf files). Then be certain to add <Layers> and place each part on a separate layer.
(5) Now begin to animate your robot.

Save your competed work on your network drive as: robot

AND save your work to the shared drive: S Drive <Durfee> <Durfee Turn in> for your class period. Name your completed file robot_YourFirst&LastName

Grade = 100 points possible
20 points = images clean (not blurry) robot looks realistic
20 points = have, at least, four parts of robot moving
20 points = each of the robots parts are animated on a separate layer
20 points = robot performs a task (runs, dribbles a ball, dances to music, etc.)
20 points = completing assignment on time


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